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2018 Nebraska AAU National dual teams update.


We have an exciting year in store for Nebraska’s national teams. We are supporting at least 13 teams ranging from junior high, freshman-sophomore, all ages girls, Texas developmental and Disney All Star/developmental teams this year!


We start off with our ever popular junior high 6-8th grade dual teams. Coming off are highest placing at the Lee Paulmic National Duals last year (2nd Place) Nebraska is looking to follow up with great success this year. Team Nebraska will again be going to Des Moines this year to compete at the Lee Paulmic National Duals. This tournament is a great competition with wrestlers from Iowa, Ohio, Montana, Indiana, and many others. The tournament is held in Des Moines, IA on March 29th to March 31st. To qualify you must be in the top two of your weight class at AAU State in Kearney on Sunday March 11th.


Next is our fifth year in a row supporting two 9-10th grade national teams. Three years ago the 9-10th grade duals were moved from Castle Rock, Co to Des Moines, Iowa. They will once again be held in Des Moines at the Lee Paulmic Nationals Duals over March 29th to March 31st. These teams are influential in the growth of Wrestling at a high level throughout our state. Most wrestlers who have been on these teams go on to have great success at the NSAA high school State tournament in Feb. To qualify you have to be the top two highest placing 9-10th grader in your weight class at AAU State in Kearney on Sunday March 11th.(Juniors can only qualify for Disney Duals or Texas Mat Bash)


Girls wrestling is here and we are supporting it in some big ways! With the NSAA looking to add girls wrestling to the high school state tournament. We are looking to develop are states current and incoming wrestlers to a new level. The Lee Paulmic Duals in Des Moines will again have a High School Girls Division and K-8th grade Girls team. Nebraska is the defending High School champs and plans on taking home the title again!. Team Nebraska will have one high school and one K-8th grade girls dual team. We will also field a high school Disney girls team this year! With more and more girls wrestling to qualify you must be in top two of your weight class at AAU State in Kearney onSunday March 11th.


Texas Duals Mat Bash in Dallas Texas is an exciting duels series we added last year. Two years ago a class A high school from Nebraska and wrestlers from around the state, took two teams down to Dallas to compete in this awesome tournament. In 2017 the A team did extremely well and made the gold bracket after pool play. The competition and teams from around the country that attend this tournament makes this a huge opportunity for our state’s development in the summer. This tournament is July 26-29th right outside of Dallas/Fort Worth area. Unlike our other programs such as Junior high, 9-10th grade, and Disney All-Star teams. All three of these programs’ national teams are made from the wrestlers placing 1st or 2nd in their weight class at AAU State in Kearney on Sunday March 11th. We will look to fill the Texas Dual teams from further down the weight class i.e. 3rd and 4th place at AAU State. This will enable us to give more opportunities to more wrestlers in our state at a national level.


Lastly we are excited for another great year for the Nebraska’s Disney dual teams. This year we will again support one developmental team. Last year the developmental team got 3rd place out of 30+ teams. Nebraska already supports two All-Star teams. What is the developmental team? The developmental team is the best wrestlers in our state who did not place at the NSAA high school state tournament. Again to make this team you must wrestle at the AAU State tournament in Kearney on Sunday March 11th. This brings us to our two All-Star Disney Dual teams. Agian this year you must wrestler at AAU State in order to make the Disney dual team. We will also be adding a Girls All-Star team to Disney this year! Wrestlers must earn their spot on our National Dual teams. It is no longer picked by coaching staff. The best wrestler goes from the state determined by the qualifier on March 11th. This change again will hopefully bring some of the best match ups between class A,B,C, and D that we’ve ever seen at the high school level! Bringing the Disney teams to the qualifier helps wrestlers to be heavily funded by the organization now making it more cost effective for our wrestlers to go on this expensive trip. We plan to continue to grow these teams in the future with more and more of are states wrestlers coming to make these amazing dual teams and wrestling trips.


The key to all of these different divisions for the AAU Nebraska national dual teams is getting the best wrestlers in the state to wrestle at the qualifier on Sunday March 11th.

AAU state on March 11th is the only way to qualify for these 13+ teams. So make sure to get our best wrestlers in the state of Nebraska has to offer to AAU state in Kearney, Nebraska.

Looking forward to an exciting year in duals for Team Nebraska.

Rob Pilcher

Nebraska AAU National Duals Director

AAU Wrestling Womens Co Director


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